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Nivea Soft Cream (Germany) - 50 ml

Nivea Soft Cream (Germany) - 50 ml
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Nivea Refreshingly Soft Cream has special formulation for your skin to keep it softer and smoother for all day long. Nivea Refreshingly Soft Cream is improved with jojoba oil and vitamin E. Both these healthy elements help you give healthier and fairer skin.                       

Key Feature
1. Refreshingly Soft
2. Improved with Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E
3. Deep Moisturizing Cream
4. Makes Softer & Smoother Skin
5. Healthier & Fairer Skin                   

Brand  -  Nivea
Type  -  Face Cream
Quantity  -  50 ml
Origin -  Germany            

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1 Nivea Face Cream - 50 ml