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Baby Mild White Sakura Powder (Thailand) - 180 g

Baby Mild White Sakura Powder (Thailand) - 180 g
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With extracts of White Sakura, nature's ultimate moisturizer makes your baby’s skin feel more comfortable. It creates a smooth layer that absorbs wetness and helps reduce the effect of chafing. The product is hypoallergenic and dermatological tested. It has also been tested by an independent panel of midwives, that the products are kind and gentle enough for your newborn baby.   

Key Feature
1. Natural extracts
2. Midwife tested
3. Suitable from birth
4. Keeps Baby's skin fresh, dry & comfortable              

Brand  -  Baby Mild
Type  -  Baby Powder
Quantity  - 180 g
Origin - Thailand

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1 Baby Powder 180 g