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Tags: Fanush , Lantern
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  • Model: BD-60A

Grab these all party decorative items. These lanterns are best for birthday party, and other party occasion decoration. These are made with highly durable and safe paper material Use these to decor birthday party and feel the happiness of children. Beautiful lantern on a light background accented with white Polka Dots, this lantern will definitely create a lasting impression on your guests. These lantern has a "S" hook on top of the lantern for hanging, you can hang these lanterns using a ribbon

1. Attractive color

2. With bulb the colors emits a pleasantly radiant glow to its surroundings

3. Can be easily stored away for future repeated use

Brand - Funcart

Type - Paper Lantern

Size - 12 Inches/30.4 cm

Design - Polka Dots

Made Of - Paper

One Lantern